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Tine´s lace

What I do yet

So, this is my actually project in work:

It?s the beginning of the Peacock Feathers Shawl!
Also from Fiddlesticks and also with lace pur wool from Uruguay...colourway "Curacao"!

The Photo shows 54 rows, at the moment there are 71 rows on my new Addi Bamboo....(80cm circular, 3,5mm).
4.9.05 14:36


Creatures of the Reef Shawl

This week I finished another lovely design from Fiddlesticks: The Creatures of the Reef Shawl!

Showing that famous colourway in the sun:

This is lace pure wool, colourway "Verdes" from www.handpaintedyarn.com (Uruguay)! Yummie......850yds per 100g and soooo many exciting colours! And one skein only costs $5,95.....shipping price is $8,90 up to 8 skeins and $12,-- up to 5 kg. (From Uruguay to Germany)

In Germany you can?t get such kind of yarns....
4.9.05 14:28

Kaleidoscope Wrap

While working on the Faroese Shawl, I ordered some patterns from Fiddlesticks.......and, for Kaleidoscope, a skeein of their "country silk"!

It?s the "Marrakesh" colourway and I really love that yarn!!!
So soft and quick to knit.....the whole Wrap took me about 9 days!
4.9.05 14:11

Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl

Inspired by reading Wendy?s blog, I started knitting the Faroese Shawl from Sivia Harding.
Of course, no one can knit as fast as Wendy, so it took me 21 days to finish it!

This yarn is self-twisted (plied on my spinning wheel), composed of 4 very thin singles from cones.
4.9.05 13:57

Tine´s scarf

After knitting a second branching out, I decided to create a scarf myself.
Here it is:

I call it "Palmen im Wind".
That yarn is a laceweight mohair.

4.9.05 13:38

Lily of the vally II

My second is a big one with 12 branches!
Same yarn, different colour.

I really love this pattern, it?s quick to knit, but I hate sewing that edging to the shawl......
4.9.05 13:32

Lily of the vally

In Germany that flower is called "Maigl?ckchen" and the pattern is an old estonian one! I have a (german) book about this pattern and my first try is a small triangular shawl with 8 branches:

It?s also an acrylic yarn, "Prinzess" from Junghans.

4.9.05 13:23


I started knitting lace in April 2005.
My first projekt was the branching out from knitty?s.

I used "Pantarei" from Gedifra, it?s an acrylic fuzzy yarn.
4.9.05 13:09


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